How to Make a Dog Crate by Myself?

How to Make a Dog Crate by Myself?

Accessories such as medium-size dog crate or even a large cell, are not perceived as a manifestation of cruelty but are a useful necessity for both the owners and the animals themselves. It would seem that the pet needs as much free space as possible for games and training. However, recent studies have shown that dogs are animals that try to create a den. Most likely, you noticed how your pet is hiding in secluded places in the house for a comfortable stay, for example, under a chair or behind an armchair. This behavior is normal, because any animal needs its own house and bed for a good rest, and if the dog has a booth on the street, then there must be a dog crate in the house. 

Dog crate: Tips for Making

If your pet does not meet the basic standards, then the dog crate can be made independently, following the detailed step-by-step instructions:

  1. Pick up 12 wooden blocks about 55 x 60 cm in size for the frame and a solid mesh (the size of the cells depends on the size of the pet).
  2. The net should not have moving segments that are traumatic for the dog (the net is perfect from an old bed or for a fence with a plastic coating).
  3. To make the structure easy to disassemble, wooden frames should be fastened together with furniture hinges.
  4. To secure the mesh to the edges of the bars, it is best to use a construction stapler.
  5. The upper edges of the mesh fence must be securely edged with a plastic side.
  6. For the manufacture of an all-metal dog crate, plastic-coated steel bars, and a welding machine are required.

Taming a pet to a dog crate

For the dog to feel comfortable in such a limited space, it is recommended to train it gradually from a very young age and by the following rules:

  1. The dog crate should have a soft litter and absorbent cloth, as well as toys for the animal.
  2. To prevent injury, be sure to remove the collar and clothing from the pet before placing it in the dog crate.
  3. For greater dog comfort, the top of the dog crate can be covered with an opaque cloth, so the pet will feel more protected.
  4. If your pet likes to play in your absence, then leaving the house for a short time you can close it for a while after adaptation.
  5. If you are planning a long trip, you should take into account the size of the pet and the dimensions of the dog crate, so that it is comfortable enough, but not too large to avoid injuries during transportation.
  6. If the animal reacts very violently to the appearance of strangers in the house, then you can avoid its active attack by temporarily placing it in a dog crate and when the guests settle down and the dog calms down – open it.

Now, put in a dog crate a bowl for food and a container for drinking and try to feed the dog only there so that she gets used to the fact that there is her home.