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AVG Tricks to Optimize your Devices Performance

Hundreds of thousands of users are using AVG antivirus solution on their devices daily to protect their identity on the internet and to boost their system performance. If you are also one of those who chose AVG over other security solution software, there are a few simple AVG tricks that can help increase your system performance and provide the maximum advantage of the various features offered by AVG.

In this article, we will be discussing the different programs that you can use to make sure that you are making the most of your AVG antivirus solution to optimize the performance and boost the security of your devices at the same time.

  1. AVG Cleaner Pro

It is a program that enables the user to immediately erase and clean the browser history and remove unwanted cache memory from the internal and external storage of your devices. It also helps to remove the pre-installed applications on your device that occupies unnecessary space. Doing so will ensure a boost in your system’s performance. It increases storage space by deleting unwanted and bad pixels photos from your devices.

It identifies applications that are reducing the speed of your device and remove unnecessary junks for the memory. In addition to this, it provides a longer battery life by optimizing the device’s battery.

  1. AVG Driver Updater

This program helps the user to update and fix all of their devices drivers. It is super easy and checks over 1.2 lakhs drivers to help you browse faster, provide better graphics and audio with a reduced number of problems. It increases the download and browsing speed, ensuring that the personal computer can keep up with your pace. In all, it is a great feature to use in order to boost the performance of your device.

It automatically scans the driver updates, so that the user can enjoy the most from their devices without them being worried about frequent manual updates.

  1. AVG CloudCare

Yet another exciting feature offered by AVG is the cloudcare services. In general, it simplifies the overall IT management and provides cloud services that can be used to remotely manage devices from any browser. User can build a number of different reports and create new policies with a single click. It is great for small business who are looking to improve their productivity and simplify your IT management.

  1. AVG Firewall

In order to make sure that your personal computer can be protected from the outside world, it is important that you make use of efficient firewall protection on your devices. To ensure that you are protected all the time, do keep the firewall turned on always. It is a great feature that prevents users from unauthorized communication and intrusions onto your systems.

All of these tips and tricks can help you optimize and boost your system performance immensely and protects your identity on the internet. Use all of these programs to make the most of your Avast Subscription.